Friday, December 30, 2011

day 10

Britta the tiny twin here with not too much to report. Cordelia is off her ventelator and is just on oxygen. What a show off! The doctors took me off of my ventelator a few days ago but put it back in. I did not do very well with just the oxygen. The doctors think it might have something to do with my brain.... seriously! cut me some slack! I'm barely a freakin pound here people. Mom and dad think that it is because I am so small, and after some time with some added fat to my body I will be able to handle it. (My parents are so smart)
Mom came to the hospital today and brought us some milk. I have been eating allot and Cordelia has just started eating last night. We are praying she will take it well and be alright as she has had some issues with her tummy. It is RSV season at the hospital so Rhett and Reese can not come see us anymore. I will miss them but I must admit I sigh with a little relief.... those two get bored easily and try to touch all the buttons and pull all the levers in our rooms! Some of those things are really important!!! The other day Dad took both of them to the bathroom and Rhett pulled the emergency cord. Dad opened the door to find 15 nurses standing there. What did we get ourselves into??  
Mom cried all day today at this visit. What a ball baby. She said not being able to hold us is getting to her, and she kept sticking her nose in the incubator to smell us. She sang to us and we prayed together. It was a good visit. Yesterday one of the doctors said that our medical team is concerned with my brain function.  Mom and dad have decided to leave it in the Lord's hands and they think I will be just fine. They see the way I move when they start to talk to me and I show them I know they are there. Besides that I don't think the doctors realize that the most amazing things come in really small packages. Please pray for us, we can feel your prayers. I thought of this song. It seems fitting.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 6 (Updated)

Britta here. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Today has been a whirlwind. Cordelia was struggling with taking in oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide. The doctor wanted decided to have her breathing tube inserted again to help with this. I was supposed to have my breathing tube removed but the doctors decided against it for now. The nurses and doctors will monitor both of us to ensure we either maintain or improve. As the old saying goes: No news is good news.

Big brother and Big Sister brought us Christmas presents. There was a picture and cards from Mom's beehives. They are so sweet. Mom put them up our rooms. Dad gave us each a plush stuffed animal with a soft blanket. I got a duck and Cordelia got a bunny. We won't be able to play with them for a while but it is the thought that counts.

Big Sister brought her new toy kitty to show us. She named it 'Puppy'. Big Brother showed us his army men. For some reason Big Sister keeps calling Dad 'Daddiya'. It is so cute. When Dad answers he says, "What 'Sistera'? He is so weird.

This is Dad. (Daddiya)

Day 5

It is Official!!! We have names!! My older sister's name is Cordelia Boyd Johnson and my name is Britta Lennox Johnson. We love our names!! Cordelia is having her IV changed from her stomach to her arm so she isn't able to post.

Dad gave us a fathers blessing today. We sure love him. Cordelia was squirming and moving until he started the prayer then she calmed down and opened her eyes. Mom was crying, of course, and said they were wonderful prayers.

Mom is being released from the hospital today. She will have her staples removed from her stomach then be released.

 Mom is taking a nap in my room.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 4

The nurse took off my sunglasses today and I opened one eye today and got to look at my mom for the first time. She started to cry when I looked at her. What a ball baby!

And this is my big brother. He is wearing a hospital "hat." (something one should not wear on their head)
What kind of family did me and my sister get ourselves into?

Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 3

Baby A here. Dad changed my diaper today, and he did a good job. Mom is too freaked out to try.... she is a chicken. The nurse told her she was going to change it tomorrow no matter what. I need to try and poop- I heard the nurse say they were going to give me a suppository if I didn't. How embarrassing.

Mom and dad think they have decided on a name for me.... drum roll please... Cordelia Boyd Johnson
and for my sister Britta Lennox Johnson.
What do you think? Boyd and Lennox are family names that come from my mom's side. I think I could be a Cordelia.
Mom and Dad might get to hold me tomorrow if I have a stable night. They think that will help them pick a name. For as right winged as they are when it comes to picking names for kids they are hippies.

My sister has been able to eat some of mom's milk through her feeding tubes and she said it was good. Not as good as a taco bell burrito, but still pretty good.
She got a blood transfusion last night and she is doing good.

Here is a picture of our diaper I thought you would like to see. Good night!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 2

This is twin B. We saw Big Brother and Big Sister today. They are huge! Or are we small? I guess it depends on your perspective. We could tell that they wanted to hold us and hug us and take care of us.

Mom has had a rough day. Her emotions and hormones are going crazy. It does not help that she has to wear that depressing gown.

I had to update my sisters last two posts because they are actually Days 3 and 4. She may have the brawn but I have the brains.

Not much else happened. I get shivers anytime the nurses open the arm holes to take my vitals or fix sensors when I wiggle out of them.

Here are the white boars with our birth info on them. Mom and Dad say it is a tradition to take a picture of the whiteboards when their children are born.

Day 1

Day 1(12/20/2011) was quite eventful: We were born! I, Twin A, was born first at 7:14 am. My little sister, Twin B, was born at 7:15 am. As of right now we don't have names so we call ourselves Twin A and Twin B. Mom and Dad can't decide on what to call us. They want us to decide our own names but we are less than a day old. Give us some slack!

 We are doing OK. Well as OK as preemies can be. We were born via C-Section. Mom did great. Plus she will always remember us when she sees the cool scar on her tummy.

I have a big heart. Literally. The right side is much larger then the left and the heart itself takes up most of my chest. Little Sis has her own problems. She is smaller than I so the doctors had a hard time getting the different tubes connected to her and finding veins for the IVs and such. She is a trooper though.

Twin A
Twin B