Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 1

Day 1(12/20/2011) was quite eventful: We were born! I, Twin A, was born first at 7:14 am. My little sister, Twin B, was born at 7:15 am. As of right now we don't have names so we call ourselves Twin A and Twin B. Mom and Dad can't decide on what to call us. They want us to decide our own names but we are less than a day old. Give us some slack!

 We are doing OK. Well as OK as preemies can be. We were born via C-Section. Mom did great. Plus she will always remember us when she sees the cool scar on her tummy.

I have a big heart. Literally. The right side is much larger then the left and the heart itself takes up most of my chest. Little Sis has her own problems. She is smaller than I so the doctors had a hard time getting the different tubes connected to her and finding veins for the IVs and such. She is a trooper though.

Twin A
Twin B

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