Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 3

Baby A here. Dad changed my diaper today, and he did a good job. Mom is too freaked out to try.... she is a chicken. The nurse told her she was going to change it tomorrow no matter what. I need to try and poop- I heard the nurse say they were going to give me a suppository if I didn't. How embarrassing.

Mom and dad think they have decided on a name for me.... drum roll please... Cordelia Boyd Johnson
and for my sister Britta Lennox Johnson.
What do you think? Boyd and Lennox are family names that come from my mom's side. I think I could be a Cordelia.
Mom and Dad might get to hold me tomorrow if I have a stable night. They think that will help them pick a name. For as right winged as they are when it comes to picking names for kids they are hippies.

My sister has been able to eat some of mom's milk through her feeding tubes and she said it was good. Not as good as a taco bell burrito, but still pretty good.
She got a blood transfusion last night and she is doing good.

Here is a picture of our diaper I thought you would like to see. Good night!

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