Friday, January 6, 2012

day 18

Britta here. Man did i have a BIG day today! A EEG and an MRI and an exam from a neurologist on the side. Phew! The doctors are trying to find out why I am not breathing and swallowing on my own. I could tell them..... but that would be too easy and I want to make them work for it. Mom got to the hospital in the morning so she could go with me to Phoenix Children's campus for the MRI. I already had my EEG in the early morning and I did not mind that too much. I do need a wash and blow out though. All the little things they stuck on my head left my hair gunky and took all the body out of my hair-do. We got taken over to the other hospital in a cool ambulance. I was looking around and checking things out during the ride- lots of cool stuff in there. My brother will be jealous when I brag about it later. It is un-heard of for a baby to get taken to the other hospital and then brought back. All the staff were talking about it and one of the doctors said in the 10 years she had been at Good Sam that has never happened. I know it was because of Heavenly Father watching out for us. If I had not gotten approved to be transferred back my parents would have had to visit me at one hospital and then Delia at the other, and I want to be with my sister. The MRI did not take too long, and I don't really remember it because they put me to sleep for it. On the way back I did have a small tantrum and let my oxygen stats drop. I like to do that- my mom's face turns a great blue color! The other night at the hospital mom was holding me and talking to one of the nurses. They were talking about how my resting heart rate is 160. The nurse said that she never has a baby go over 200, most babies when they are upset will read at 180. ....Not me! I go to 210 in a second!! I like to let people know when I am mad, and I know how to throw a tantrum. I always hear the nurses tell my parents how feisty we are.
So now, mom and dad are waiting the results for the tests. Cordelia is doing good. Her CO2 levels were high and so she was put on a C-pap machine. It is a mask that goes over her nose and just gives her a little extra pressure with the oxygen. My dad wears one at night because he has sleep apnea. She looks just like him!  All that happened when mom and I were gone to the other hospital. I think she was upset when we left. I am so glad I get to stay with her.
I am lucky. So many of the babies parent's parents never come and visit them. If you walk by their rooms you just see a small baby in a big empty room. Mom said that today even though it was just me and her in my room it felt like it was full. She knew there were family members in there with us, and ministering angles... and there were. How Lucky I am to have family on both sides of the veil hanging out with me!

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