Sunday, January 22, 2012

day 34

Mom came to see me at the hospital today. She has come here but not held me for a few days because my family has been sick, and although mom has not been sick- she didn't want to take the chance of giving me anything. When you are barely 2 lbs the "green apple quick step" could be very devastating.
So we snuggled and tried some non-nutritive nursing. Mom kept laughing at the faces I was making- but what did she expect! I was very smiley tonight, everyone kept asking me what I was smiling about- but I didn't tell.
Mom and I talked a bit, and she told me about Britta's funeral. She said it was really beautiful, but the hardest part was leaving her at the cemetery. It felt like she was leaving here there- even though she knew very well that she wasn't..... her remains maybe but not her.
Overall it was a good day, and I am doing well. The tests on my heart show improvement and I am being weaned down little by little on my oxygen. I had some clothes on today too- one of the nurses dressed me and I looked so stinkin' cute in that onesie. Mom keeps telling me my job is to get fat, and I am working on it. I better get to sleep- I wish the baby in the next room would be quiet!
Good night.

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