Sunday, January 29, 2012

not sure what day it is

Hey there. How are you doing? I am pretty good. I have figured out how to use the font size thing as you can see.  I got a bath yesterday by mom. She was nervous.... what is she going to do when she can take me home, and has to change my diapers by herself??
I can tell you... "Ahhhh, FREAK OUT."
I barfed on her too, but she is totally used to that from my big sister "puker dooker." Looks like no new carpet for my room.. ha ha ha!!!
For the last week or so mom has been talking to the nurses about dum dum dum... food storage. Boring! Finally last night she read to me a little. We read "The Origin and Destiny of Woman" by John Taylor. In it he says that in the pre-exsistance we chose our parents, our spouse, and a guardian angel. How amazing is that!!!! It got me thinking about Britta. We chose our parents .... (although I am starting to question an exchange policy for that decision) and we also picked each other as sisters and decided she would be my guardian angel. She is so feisty, I know she is a perfect choice for a guardian angel. The famous women in history are the ones who don't play by the rules- they kicked butt and took names. That's definitely my sister.

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