Wednesday, February 29, 2012

day 71 1/2

Sleep over with mom. I am so excited!! We are going to watch Jericho all night on netflix. I hope she doesn't snore. Have you seen the snoring hummingbird? It is so cute. Check it out here.

day 71

I have big news.....  check it out- no feeding tube for me anymore!!!! All my feeds are coming from the bottle and I like it allot so far. I get to taste the milk every time now.
The other day I was listening to my friends i-pod and heard shes got a way  by Billy Joel.
Mom used to play that song for us while Britta and I were in the womb service. She would put the head phones at the base of her stomach to get us to turn when we were both breach. Mom is kind of a pioneer woman (minus the hairy legs) and she wanted a natural birth so badly. When we were still in the womb service she kept telling us to get chubby, and come out at 39 weeks head down. She was a little obsessed with that and thought about it allot.
It is kind of funny how one minute we are so focused on a thought or desire and then life turns a corner and everything we knew is flipped upside down. I see the other moms that come to visit their babies at times. Painfully shuffling through the halls wearing a hospital gown and a drug induced look on their face trying to figure out what just happened. My mom looked the same way 71 days ago. I cant believe how much can happen in 71 days. I heard my mom and the doctors talking about me and when I can come home. They said if I can keep up the bottle feeding and not go back on the tube then it should be quick. I am trying my hardest.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

day 65

I'm 5 pounds 9 ounces!!!  can you believe it? My mom has seriously got to stop eating What-a-burger...... She's a sucker for those salty fries. Mom and dad came in tonight and talked about how they got all their scars. My parents seriously have the weirdest conversations. I am starting to get some formula because we have run out of frozen breast milk. If my mom were a milk cow she would have either been a show cow (she's pretty cute) or she would have been butchered for her hamburger. Making enough milk is just not her thing, but Heaven love her for still trying.
I am on .1 liter for my oxygen -the lowest setting cough. cough. And I am starting to "nipple" at the bottle regularly. I occasionally forget to breath and drastically drop my heart rate turning my lips white (which turns my mom blue) while I am eating. But who doesn't do that?!
I did eat 2 full bottles yesterday and 3 full ones today. The other feedings were given through my feeding tube. I decided it was time to throw a dog a bone- you see "nippleing" is the big factor that is keeping me here, and my mom is looking like she is ready to sneak me out in her purse. She is looking raged, and she has said she feels completely helpless having to leave me in a strangers care.
She has been trying to keep her mind off the helplessness by getting things ready for when I do come home. She said she deep cleaned the kitchen with some vinegar and now the house smells a little like Long John Silvers. I did not realize all the practical uses for vinegar- if you want your house to smell slightly like Long John Silvers you should read this.
Then she said she scrubbed the bathrooms with some oils from DoTERRA. A few drops of white fir, lemon, and purify in a spray bottle full of water and the toilets have never smelt better. Although they do smell slightly like a pine tree because of the white fir. So I guess my new house smells like a Long John Silvers that is in the white mountains? Or a Long John Silvers that is celebrating Christmas? Eh- either way I am excited to come home.
I don't think there is anything else to report. A friend of my moms sent her this recipe and she said she was going to make it tomorrow. I can't wait till I have some teeth! Doesn't the pulled pork look delish?

Friday, February 17, 2012

day 59

I POOPED!!!! I had two major poops yesterday, and I feel footloose! Mom and I prayed for help to poop, and then she rubbed my tummy for a while and then ta-da!! And thanks again for all your prayers. Isn't prayer amazing? Everything that is important to us, is important to the Lord- be it poop, finding our keys, or something way serious. And that is awesome.
 I wanted to share with you my thoughts so far on what my life will be like at home. I have made some notes of what to expect, and things I have come to understand about my family.

EXHIBIT A: my big brother:                                        LIKES: 
1. To beat up my big sister (his little sister)
2.Taking pictures when he gets his hands on the camera
3. His favorite songs are Danger Zone and Hey There Delilah.  
4. Changing his clothes 15 times a day
5. Soccer and superheros
1. Spinach

 EXHIBIT B:  My big Sister:                                     

1. Wants to do everything big brother is doing.... except when he is doing his number 1. favorite thing. Cough.
2. Princesses and trucks
3. Very independent and says "I do it" all the time
4. Screams "no thank you!!" which defeats the purpose of saying no thank you
5. Loves babies (this is where I come in.... she's going to want to hold me 24/7)

1. Blowing her nose.                                                                             

And I can't forget the dog:

1. Chicken poop

                                                                                                                                                                  which brings us too the chickens:                                                                   

And then there is Mom and dad

Saving the best for last is Britta. I know she will not be in the flesh with me on this Earth, but she is here- and I will have her for ever in Heaven. I have an amazing guardian angel.                                                                                                       

My family is pretty awesome, with a side dish of crazy. I think I will fit right in.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

day 57

I got my new screening room!!! What do you think??

Everyone seems to like it. The medical staff  wants to watch movies all the time..... it is hard to get them out of my room. "Go check on your patients" I tell them.
"After this part" they reply. And they complain about my play list, which consists of Baby Einsteins and the first few seasons of Desperate Housewives. (I'm trying to catch up)
I am feeling much better. Dad came and saw me tonight and it was nice. He held me, and I pretty much slept the whole time..... but I think he dozed off too.
My oxygen has been weaned down to .5 of a liter and I am weighing in at over 5 pounds. I have pooped a few times, but not like I need too and I am working on eating out of a bottle.
I hope you had a great valentines. All my friends snuck into my room and we had a get-together.