Tuesday, February 7, 2012

day 49

I am 4lb and 10 oz! I tell you what- mom doesn't make much milk, but what she does make is cream! And it tastes like taco bell. Yum! Not much has changed. The doctors took my oxygen down to one liter again. They have done it once before but I was not ready for it. A girl can't be rushed into things and I'm not so sure if I like it this time either... I will have to think about it.
I did get a crib! Or as the doctors call "a big girl bed" which I find rather degrading. I think I might send a video of my crib to MTV's cribs.... but first I need a screening room for movies, a big poster of Scarface, and some strangers I pretend are my friends around the pool like everyone else featured on that show. Once I have that I will be a shoe in! I will talk to the doctors about making this happen.

I have been eating from a bottle a little bit, and I like that allot- harder then a feeding tube... but I like it. Oh, I did say my first word the other day.... just checkin' to see if you were paying attention!

Mom came by and we hung out for a while. We butchered some Elton John and James Taylor here is the link for the song just in case you are in the mood to hear it for real. Other then that I need to poop, but can't seem to make it happen. Mom rubbed some lemon oil on my feet and tummy to help me poo. I could tell the nurse didn't like her doing that. But I like it, my tummy feels better. You can get some lemon for your tummy here.   Please keep me in your prayers and ask that I poop. Poop is so important.  I hope you are well, and your poop is good! Have a nice night.

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