Thursday, February 23, 2012

day 65

I'm 5 pounds 9 ounces!!!  can you believe it? My mom has seriously got to stop eating What-a-burger...... She's a sucker for those salty fries. Mom and dad came in tonight and talked about how they got all their scars. My parents seriously have the weirdest conversations. I am starting to get some formula because we have run out of frozen breast milk. If my mom were a milk cow she would have either been a show cow (she's pretty cute) or she would have been butchered for her hamburger. Making enough milk is just not her thing, but Heaven love her for still trying.
I am on .1 liter for my oxygen -the lowest setting cough. cough. And I am starting to "nipple" at the bottle regularly. I occasionally forget to breath and drastically drop my heart rate turning my lips white (which turns my mom blue) while I am eating. But who doesn't do that?!
I did eat 2 full bottles yesterday and 3 full ones today. The other feedings were given through my feeding tube. I decided it was time to throw a dog a bone- you see "nippleing" is the big factor that is keeping me here, and my mom is looking like she is ready to sneak me out in her purse. She is looking raged, and she has said she feels completely helpless having to leave me in a strangers care.
She has been trying to keep her mind off the helplessness by getting things ready for when I do come home. She said she deep cleaned the kitchen with some vinegar and now the house smells a little like Long John Silvers. I did not realize all the practical uses for vinegar- if you want your house to smell slightly like Long John Silvers you should read this.
Then she said she scrubbed the bathrooms with some oils from DoTERRA. A few drops of white fir, lemon, and purify in a spray bottle full of water and the toilets have never smelt better. Although they do smell slightly like a pine tree because of the white fir. So I guess my new house smells like a Long John Silvers that is in the white mountains? Or a Long John Silvers that is celebrating Christmas? Eh- either way I am excited to come home.
I don't think there is anything else to report. A friend of my moms sent her this recipe and she said she was going to make it tomorrow. I can't wait till I have some teeth! Doesn't the pulled pork look delish?

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