Wednesday, February 29, 2012

day 71

I have big news.....  check it out- no feeding tube for me anymore!!!! All my feeds are coming from the bottle and I like it allot so far. I get to taste the milk every time now.
The other day I was listening to my friends i-pod and heard shes got a way  by Billy Joel.
Mom used to play that song for us while Britta and I were in the womb service. She would put the head phones at the base of her stomach to get us to turn when we were both breach. Mom is kind of a pioneer woman (minus the hairy legs) and she wanted a natural birth so badly. When we were still in the womb service she kept telling us to get chubby, and come out at 39 weeks head down. She was a little obsessed with that and thought about it allot.
It is kind of funny how one minute we are so focused on a thought or desire and then life turns a corner and everything we knew is flipped upside down. I see the other moms that come to visit their babies at times. Painfully shuffling through the halls wearing a hospital gown and a drug induced look on their face trying to figure out what just happened. My mom looked the same way 71 days ago. I cant believe how much can happen in 71 days. I heard my mom and the doctors talking about me and when I can come home. They said if I can keep up the bottle feeding and not go back on the tube then it should be quick. I am trying my hardest.

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