Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 94

And I am back!! Sorry for the brief sabbatical but I do have some big news.
Drum roll please..... I am home! I arrived home on what would have been my due date if my my sister and I had not decided to bust out early. I have been wanting to blog about it but mom and dad have been keeping me busy and mom did not want anyone to know I was home.
She said that it was the one thing she could control. I still have a ton of doctor appointments and nurses coming to the house to check me 3 times a week, and this was an element where she could call the shots. I know she is grateful for the medical staff- she has me because of them, but it does not take a village to raise a child and she wants to be the mom.
It is still RSV season, and my family is being very careful with me, changing their clothes when they come home from the store and major hand washing. They have also been taking some concoction called "anti-plague" which smells like death and garlic. It helps them not get sick and I am sure it works- I don't think a germ would invade them if that stuff tastes at all like it smells.
They also are not taking me anywhere (besides the millions of doctors appointments) and they are not letting anyone come over. It is like Fort Knox over here.
So far I like being home. My brother and sister have been all over me- like white on rice. I make one noise and they are at my side like Pavlov's dogs. I already have them trained. I like riding in the car and it is nice to snuggle with mom and dad while I snooze. I am 6 pounds 15 ounces now.
 I have a few new nicknames- my mom nicknames everything. But what can you expect when her own nickname is "beth-ie annie jack-a dan in the fryin' pan." It is in her DNA so what-cha gonna do?
Lets examine them so far shall we:
"Blackstrap" Apparently I eat like molasses. My mom says it's fun to feed me at 4 in the morning but I hear the sarcasm in her voice and I find it offensive. In my defense I am still learning to suck swallow and breath and I get tuckered out easily.

"Chicken nugget" Because I look like a chicken nugget. I don't personally think I look like a deep fried boot shape piece of chicken mash- but what do I know?  My brother and sister have hung on to this one and when I am sleeping yell "Chicken nugget! Wake up!".... I am not a fan of this either.

"Chicken Wing" Not sure about this one. But my mom sings a song for this and it goes 'side to side, then swing, swing, swing. Everybody do the chicken wing" (and she bends my arm like a chicken wing and flaps it) It is a bit degrading.

Then there are the plays on my name. Deals, Delia, Cordelia Badila. .... sorry to say this list goes on.

The biggest news around here has been about my diet. Mom's milk has dried up and so she has scrambled to find a solution. She does not want to give me formula, and I don't want it either. Did you know that rocket fuel was discovered in 15 different types of baby formula! Can you believe that!?
Mom luckily found out about this milk share program called Eats on Feets. (You can find them on Facebook.)  Mom's who make extra milk pump it and give it to mom's who need milk for their babies. Isn't that awesome! There is a really nice lady giving us her milk and mom also has a friend of her's mailing us some.
Keep it coming ladies! I am hungry!!
Other then that I am just getting settled in. It's good to be back. I have missed you.

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