Sunday, April 1, 2012

day 106

Not much going on... just hanging out with my family.

When I am 14 my sister will be 16 and my brother will be 18 1/2. They better like me as much then as they do now, and drive me around in the car -that is all I have to say about the matter. But I hope my brother will not still be dressing as Spider man. It will embarrass me in front of my friends.

My sister helped mom give me a bath. When we were done she wanted to give her baby a bath.

The my brother got a hold of the camera.

Not much going on lately as you can see.  Just hanging out- avoiding RSV.  We ran out of milk, and my mom had been giving me formula but that hurt my stomach. It was a tough couple of days, but my mom found another angel on Earth who gave me SO much milk. It is so awesome! ...I better go. Time for a bottle, and I am excited for the good stuff.

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