Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 114

This is my sister. She is tough as nails, and incredibly stubborn. Yesterday she kicked mom and was sent to her room. She could come out of her room when she was ready to apologize..... 2 1/2 hours later she emerged. Like I said... stubborn. In the years to come I know she will have my back, and will throw down with the best of them. She is either in the buff... or an interesting ensemble like the one pictured above.

She was born with a club foot. At the hospital the doctors blew it off a bit and made it sound simple to fix. "She will get a cast, and then it will be as good as new."
Mom went into the orthopedic surgeon with her new born and enough post-partum hormones to spare, only to start crying when she heard the extent of the rehabilitation process. 8 casts, a surgery and then a shoe and bar for a few years. On the way home in the car mom started to play victim for a minute or two, but quickly came to her senses. Things could be allot worse- right? Mom decided that my sister would never have the want to do anything that she couldn't accomplish, and this would never hold her back.
So- it started. 8 casts, each lasting 1 week. The kitchen sink was full of plaster at the end of each week, because the casts had to be soaked off just for a new one to be put on it it's place. Mom started to enjoy the casts.... she quickly discovered they could be decoupaged. A surgery came following a cast that stayed on for a few weeks and then the shoe and bar. .....which was quickly 'bling-ed." (and is still being worn at night to this day)
The reason I bring all this up is because there is order in all things. Even if we do not see it. We are being prepared for all the trials in our lives.
My mom said that the experience with my sister prepared her for Britta and I. The anxiety she had in the hospital when she saw my sister's foot was ten fold of what she had in the OR with us. She was grateful now for that experience, and she can see how detailed our individual plans are. There is a reason my brother came first, followed by my big sis and finished up by Britta and I in the end.
I must remember this lesson in my life. The lesson that I can make it through my struggles a better person, closer to God. You don't forget it either. You were prepared in Heaven before you came here, and you have been refined on this Earth to go through the trials that will ultimately bless you. Sometimes while in the refiners fire- we can feel deserted and like there is no end to the trial before us.
But we must remember to have faith and know that we were prepared for what is happening. And the truth is we are never alone. Father in Heaven is with us at all times. In our happiest of times and even in our darkest hour. It all leads to something.
.... or as my sister says "Do-ya" 

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