Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 121

This is my great-great-great grandparents. Arthur Lennox and Annie Boyd.
 Britta and I are named after them. Our middle names are their middle names- pretty cool huh?
They were good people. Poor country people really, and traveled around picking fruit. Born in 1879 and 1881 they saw allot of changes in the world, and truly experienced real hard times. Before having my great-great grandmother they took on another mouth to feed. Annie Boyd's brother lost his wife and son in two separate accidents, but very close together and could not care for his youngest son, so they raised him for a while.

My sister's middle name Ella is after these two beautiful numbers right here. Talk about two tough broads. My grand-mother and great-grand mother. My great-grand mother raised 5 kids on her own and worked her way up from nothing. She had a gun pulled on her one time and grabbed it out of the mans hand- I would have loved to have been able to see the look on that guys face.
My grandmother is a good woman too. Very smart and very kind..... and she wears way too much perfume.

My brother's middle name comes from my dad's side of the family- look at this tough guy. Uncle Wade is a favorite around here. This is an old picture- he is married now to an amazing lady. My sister especially loves her Aunt Amanda and I do too....You know it is something when my sister loves you, because she doesn't like anybody.  My mom's brother is quite a bit older then her, so Uncle Wade is like the brother she never had. It was mom's idea to name my brother after him. He is one of the most helpful men I have ever known.

My mom first heard the name Britta when my dad and her started dating. Britta was a girl that my mom had become friends with and she was really cool. Mom liked her so much, and just new they were going to be besties. Then Britta said "I like that guy Luke" and she knew that was the end of that. Mom had to tell Britta that she was dating him, and although it remained totally civil it was just plain awkward.
My first name came from a TV show. Yep. How sad is that? Well, now that I think of it maybe it is better then a chick that had the hots for my dad?
Buffy the Vampire slayer was a popular show back in the 90's and the snobby popular girl's name on the show was Cordelia Chase. Mom loved it from then on, and that was all she wrote. It is a bit dainty, and my Great-Aunt Addie asked if it had been resurrected from the Civil War era. ....and yes. It is and old name, but I have grown quite fond of it.

I had an EKG and an ultrasound on my heart. Everything is looking alright, and my heart is returning back to the size it should be. Phew! But when the nurse opened the door to call us back she looked at me and my mom. She was holding the chart and had a look on her face as if to say 'I have no idea how to say this.'
Now- I know my name is not common, and it is an older name- but I think it is easy to read? It sounds exactly like it is spelled.
My mom says "Cordelia?" And the nurse smiled.
When we get back into the office the nurse tells my mom that her nieces name is Cordelia. My mom looked puzzled at this point, and if I could talk I would have asked for a different nurse. Seriously?! "Here's your sign."
She goes on to explain that they spell the name differently. (Not the right way) but Kordili.... someting- something-something. I lost track, and I think there was a "Q" in there somewhere.
When my brother was born and just a few months old my mom was sitting in a waiting room at a different doctors office. An old lady who looked to be about 200 asked what his name was.
"Rhett" said my mom.
"what dear"? the old lady asked.
"Rhett" she said again.
....Well this continued about 8 more times, each time my mother getting louder and louder and the old lady leaning in getting closer and closer.
Finally she heard the name, and looked at my mother like that was the silliest name she had ever heard.
Not 10 seconds later the nurse calls "Scarlet?" and the old lady gets up and heads to the door.
All the other nurses start to die laughing and one screeches "her name was Scarlett?!!"
You would have thought once she heard Rhett- would have said "Oh! my name is Scarlet!"

As in.....  Gone with the wind. Rhett and Scarlett.

One of the best novels and hands down one of the greatest films ever made.
Rhett is often confused for Brett. He has also been called Fred. Poor guy. Once at another doctors office he was called Riot. .....Seriously Riot? I don't think Hooked on Phonics works for nurses.
My sister gets mistaken for Grace... but that is a bit more understandable. 
If this is any indication of how things are going to be I may just legally change my name to Chicken Wing..... or stop going to doctors offices altogether.

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