Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 131

We went back to my old stomping ground the other day. What up 602! I had to get my hearing tested. I was supposed to stay asleep through the entire test, but that didn't happen. The audiologist had to put little electrodes all over me and she buffed my head with sand paper to get the electrodes to stick.
It hurt! How is a girl supposed to sleep through a facial- and one I didn't even ask for? Not to mention my brother and sister were fighting the whole time and wrestling on the floor.  .....But that noise I am used to. I did pass the test, my hearing is perfect. My mom was able to get me to relax enough for the doctor to get some results. She got me milk drunk and then burped me. AAAAHHHHH... I love that. Puts me to sleep just thinking about it.
After my appointment we went and picked up my dad for lunch. I got to meet some of his co-workers. They all said how cute I was, and called me tiny. I need to go hang out there some more.
Hi again to the two Sandras, Scott, Danielle, Leticia, Tre, Tammi, Alissa, and Janet!
I have a different appointment coming up with a neurosurgeon to discuss the blood on my brain and also if I will need a helmet to help shape my scull. Mom said if I have to get one she would bling it out for me, so that would not be too bad I guess. I will keep you updated.
Not much else going on. I am 7 pounds 13 ounces and getting bigger every day! Happy hump-day!!

This is one of the many cards that decorated our rooms in the hospital. My thoughts could not help but wander back in time when we returned to my old hospital. I thought about my sister allot and my long journey so far in life. My life is so much clearer now- not having to view it thorough the thick plastic wall of the isolette.
The other day my mom got to talking with a lady. Mom asked how many kids she had.
"4" the lady said.
Mom had to bite her lip quickly, because she almost burst out with a "me too!"
And truth be told- she does have 4 of us, but not to make anyone one uncomfortable she tries not to talk about Britta to strangers.
She was recounting a story to my dad the other day. Saying how years ago in church someone was talking about how many children she had, and counted one that she had miscarried.
My mom said how weird she thought that was at the time. Funny- I am starting to learn how easy it is to make snap judgements about people but until we have walked in their shoes we never fully understand the journey.
Mom was saying that she understood it more now. Why that sister would get up and mention a baby she had not yet raised. She wanted people to know that her baby lived, that he was here on this Earth and had touched her life. And just because he was not here as long and you or I,  he changed her life and deserved to be mentioned as part of the family. He deserves to be accounted for- just like Britta. 
I guess it's our hard times that humble us and allow us to understand one another a little deeper.

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