Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 164

Happy Memorial Day everyone. We went to Britta's gave today. It seems like it has been longer then 5 months since she passed away.

I hope you are able to visit your loved ones graves, and of course remember the fallen Heros who have died while fighting for our freedoms.
This week my brother graduated from Preschool
 He kept calling his diploma a "telescope". Hope he doesn't do that when he graduates high school.

and we celebrated my dad's birthday.
We went to my Gram's cabin for Memorial Weekend.
The weekend was full with:
Eating..... not much else to do in the mountains.
My mom painted the girls' fingernails.... everyone but mine. I am apparently not old enough yet.
My cuz Blair is terrified of "bugs" and she squealed  most of the time.
I talked to my other cuz Caleb a bit and filled him in on the family.
My brother and sister along with all the cousins looked like street urchins after playing outside all day, and they would crash after their bath. Exhibit A:

Mom and I would sit out on the porch. She would read while I listened to the breeze blowing through the tall trees. The wind almost sounds like horses, it is so loud and distinguished.
Dad, mom and I got to watch my favorite show.... Revenge
We do not have TV at our house, but there are a couple shows my parents like to watch on line.
If you have not seen Revenge you must watch it. Mom started watching it while she was in the hospital recovering from Britta and me, and soon got my dad hooked.  She would talk to the nurses at the hospital about the show and that got me curious. Since I was in the NICU when she started watching I had to catch up on my own. You can see the old episodes here.

I will give you a run down:
A: Emily. Her father was framed for an act of domestic terrorism. and she is seeking "revenge."
B: Daniel. Emily's Fiance and son of the Grayson's (G and H in the picture)
C. Jack. Emily is really in love with him
D. Nolan. Her partner in crime and friend of her father's. Nolan promised her dad he would look out for Emily.
E. Decklin. Brother of Jack, and was the boyfriend of Charlotte (F)
F. Charlotte. Daughter of the Grayson's
G and H. Victoria and Conrad Grayson. Owners of Grayson Global and framed her father.
I can't write too much more with out giving most of the plot away- but it is a fantastic show. You have got to watch it. ...and I think Jack (C) is a hunk!

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