Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 170

Hi everyone! How was your week? Not much new here. Mom has a bagillion pounds of fabric, and planned to make blankets out of it. She wanted to donate the blankets to Phoenix Children's Hospital NICU (my hood).
There is only one problem with this splurge of service, and that is she hates to sew. She made two blankets and then decided since she had two babies- she would donate two blankets! If she had five babies, then she would donate five, but she only had two.
This logic does not make sense to me, but I did learn some new words while watching her sew.
Here is a picture of the blankets, and I am excited to take them to the hospital. She also made some flowers and head bands to donate and made a special flower for my primary nurse, Megan. I miss Megan.
I think she is going to farm out the rest of the sewing to the young women at church, they might need a service project.
I am happy to report that the book is coming along. We did get an offer from a friend at church, and so we have decided to change illustrators. It was a hard decision, but I am excited to finish the book and get it printed!
I wanted to share this with you. Mom has a friend named Tara, and she gave mom a recipe for home made baby wipes. She made some and they are cheap to make and soft on my buns. I like em'.
If you want to try it, here is the recipe from
Spice Traders Wet Wipes
(my mom uses Do Terra oil, but you can use what ever you like)

A roll of paper towels cut in half
A round Tupperware, that the half roll will fit into
2 C water
2 Tbsp Baby Oil
2 Tbsp Baby Soap
5 to 8 drops of Spice Traders Essential Oil

Cut your roll of paper towels in half. Place one half in the Tupperware, and set the other half aside for the next time you make wipes. Mix together water, oil, soap and spice traders and pour over your paper towels.

Let it sit for a few minutes before you try to remove the cardboard center of the paper towels. Once that is removed, wait another 15 minutes to let the paper towels equally absorb all of the liquid. After that, begin using your baby wipes by pulling from the center.

My mom celebrated her birthday this week too, and she made a chocolate pie. It looked so good, I was ready to grow some teeth so I could eat it. You should try it.
Here is the recipe. Yum! Have a good week! I have an ultrasound on my brain this week. The doctor will be checking my brain bleed that happened when I was born, and will also be discussing if I need a helmet. I will let you know how it goes.
Chocolate Cream Pie Recipe

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  1. Hey Cordelia, thanks for visiting my blog and looking at the stuff I make. You can tell your mom that sewing is really fun and it is even better when making charity quilts and blankies and baby hats. I love making the little blankets for preemies. Did you get one? I joined your blog so I could follow your adventures!
    hugs Karen