Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 151

Holy smokes! I'm 8 months and it is fa- reakin hot!!!!
I have recently found my toes. How come none of you told me about these amazing things? Apparently they have been there this whole time. If you have the chance you should grab them today- it is wonderful.
I also have sprouted two chompers since I last blogged. That was part of the reason I have not been on the computer for a while. I got sick, an ear infection and two new bottom teeth and it sucked. Man, does it hurt. And being a primary nose breather- having a stuffy nose was not fun either.... although I hate that green torture device that mom and dad use to suck out the snot. Maybe the snot is better then that thing?
Thank goodness for eucalyptus oil.
I watched some videos of the BYU clogging dance team and have been practicing- what do you think?

Because it is fa-reakin hot we have been discussing Halloween costumes. Frick wants to be a vampire and Frack wants to be Hello Kitty. Mom has talked about making me a chicken wing costume, with some dipping sauce. I am not sure how I feel about this.

I hope you are well, and it is not as hot where you are as it is here.


 Here we are getting ready for church. Hangers taste really good too- no one told me that either.
 Frick did get shoes on and his tie fixed before we left the house. Check out my leg warmers- arnt they cute! Here is a link to make them yourself. Mom loves to hate to sew and she made these fairly easy. Click here to view it.

What are you going to be for Halloween?

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